Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flipping the Flanaess

It might actually work...
I was struggling with where some of the things in my Hyborean Greyhawk were placed. I started to futz around and thought "What would happen if I rotated the map?" And all of a sudden, it started working better.

Aerdy becomes a decadent, frozen kingdom. Maybe with kind of a fucked up Skyrim vibe. Hephamonaland ceases to be a jungle and becomes a subarctic woodland. It's where I was thinking of popping the Amazons. Instead of the typical tropical amazons, these almost become she-vikings. Interestingly, they are opposite the vikings on the map.  That might work.

I decided not to make Stygia the Scarlet Brotherhood. All this time, I had Ull staring at me. It was already Stygia. So it's Stygia now. I think instead of the Nazi Ninjas of TSR Canon, I might make the Scarlet Brotherhood a pirate brotherhood. Why not? Scarlet is just a particular type of red, and the Red Brotherhood is a perfectly established pirate organization in Howard's work.

Moving the Esquimaux up to what were the Sea Barons and Lendore Isles makes me think that in some cases, during the Long Nights, the sea freezes to a point where they raid the northern fringes of Aerdy on their war sleds.

Keoland becomes a more tropical land. I might look into what is written about Shem. I'll keep Nyrond and Furyondy as the more "Western" kingdoms.

Yeah, that cultures document I wrote before? I'm totally going to have to rewrite it.


  1. Agreed. I think a flipped Flanaess works well. Nice idea!

  2. You are a mad genius. I've never seen this done before but I think it's an awesome idea. Plus, my beloved Ull gets to be Sytgia. Excellent!

    1. When one of the reigning Greyhawk experts calls me a "mad genius," I get all fuzzyt. ;) Thanks!

  3. But the Plains of the Payims seems to cut Stygia off from the sea. In Howard, even the Pirates were scared to sail too close to Stygia's port cities.

    Shem was noted for it's plains and grasslands.

    Still, coming along nicely.

    1. Well, remember this is a pastiche of Conan-esque concepts and the World of Greyhawk. Not everything will match up nicely.

    2. Understood and to be expected. Perfection is never to be expected of a pastiche.

      The Darlene map shows Keoland with lots of "open" land and rolling hills, so I think it would work well for the "Sons of Shem."

      Furyondy might work well for Aquilonia. Nyrond could serve as Corinthia. Veluna as Argos?

      What is your thinking for the Western Kingdoms?

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