Monday, April 1, 2013

Hyborean Dorakaa

I'd just like to point out that I likely won't be posting too regularly on here. I'm finishing up my last undergrad semester and trying to get Hyborean Greyhawk stuff written. That said, from time to time, when I have a little something, I'll post it. Here is a little something.

The first adventure I plan on running is called Escape from Dorakaa, and it will be for approximately 5th level Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea characters. After I run it a few times, I may tweak it out and make it a 1st level adventure. We'll see. I've set a May 1st deadline to have 20,000 words written on it. It'll be more of a sourcebook of my vision of Dorakaa than a traditional adventure, as escaping from the Slave Market will require ingenuity and I don't expect any group to do it the same way twice.

For those keeping track at home, I've also set an August 1st deadline for 160,000 words for a more generic Hyborean Greyhawk sourcebook. None of this will be for sale, since WotC owns the Greyhawk IP, but I can certainly share it for free.

Anyway, without further adieu:


The City of Bone is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Many cities sprawl out in numerous directions with hundreds of shanties and structures creating a labyrinth of streets and alleys. Dorakaa does not sprawl. Dozens of enormous blue-black structures, linked by filthy streets and ramshackle bridges, erupt from the ruins of an ancient city. Among the new structures are overgrown ruins of green-stone buildings of an unknown ancient culture and the white stone streets of the ancient Hyboreans.

The most distinct feature of the city is the towering horned tower of Iuz and Iggwilv. Also known as The Great Fane of the Son and Mother, it is the main focus for the worship of Iuz (and, to a lesser degree, Iggwilv). Directly opposite The Great Fane, along the Skull Road, is the Palace of Iuz, an enormous ziggurat upon which Iuz’s Throne of Bone rests. Along the Skull Road are the manors of the many functionaries of the Cult of Iuz as well as the Old One’s demoniac orc generals. Also included is the great Arena of Dorakaa, where slaves are pitted against all manner of foes, from fellow slaves to unspeakable beasts. Near the Arena is the Slave Market, a large building with multiple slave blocks, allowing the free trade of those captured by the Old One’s minions. Nefarious actors from across the Flanaess, from Stygia to Araby, come to this market to trade in human flesh, many staying at the Slaver’s Hostel.

I've got quite a bit more than this written already (2,500 words), but sharing that would be telling! I will hopefully be looking for playtesters in May.

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  1. Nice map. It seems like a pretty small city, but I really dig the temple dedicated to Iuz and Igwilv. I'll be following this regularly!